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Modern Greek Language and Culture I (Beginners level)

Description of the course

Days and hours
The course will be divided into 2 parts / days of 2 academic hours each,
preferably Mondays and Thursdays from 16.00 till 18.00
Aim of the course - planning
Learners will become familiar with the basic and fundamental linguistic
structures of the Modern Greek language and by the end of their first year
of study, they will have acquire speaking, listening, reading and writing
skills and will be able to understand and interact sufficiently in Modern
Greek at a basic level.
The first part / day will be dedicated to the presentation and explanation
of the material and the second part / day will be dedicated to the practice,
especially oral and acoustic, with the support of various audiovisual
materials like songs and videos from the worldwide web or other
available sources.
As language and culture are interdependent, together with the linguistic
subjects the course will comprise materials and information about
cultural, historical and social topics, and provide an enticing overview of
the life in Greece, today and in the past.
Learning material and book suggestion
Most material will be provided by email.
Moreover I highly recommend a book called “Learn Greek without a
teacher” (Mandeson method – Diagoras publisher) (small in size and
economic), as it covers the most important grammatical aspects as well as
sufficient vocabulary for the beginners’ level and over.
Learners will have to complete a full academic year (2 semesters) in order
to acquire sufficiency at a beginners’ level.
During the first and second semester learners will have to fulfill their
obligations (homework, short tests and various exercises in class and at
home) for which they will be graded on 75% of the total grade, and will
have to go through a final exam at the end of the year, for which they will
be graded on 25% of the total grade.