The Department of Foreign Languages offers yearly courses in Spanish as a Foreign Language. 

Two course levels are offered for undergraduate students: 
- Beginners “Español para extranjeros A1-A2.1” (4 h/w)- syllabus
- Advnaced “Español para extranjeros A2-B1” (4 h/w)- syllabus

All the students who started the Spanish Course in October must continue in the second semester. Those students who weren't in October and want to start the Spanish Course in the second semester should consult the teacher about the convenience of the level.

The attendance is according to University regulations.

METHODOLOGY: (Communicative Approach) 
This methodology requires the students to be responsible of their own learning, developing an autonomous and cooperative attitude in the lectures. The teacher acts as a guide of their learning and the activities are focused on a true-life use of the language. For this reason, the students acquire useful linguistic knowledge for authentic situations of communication.