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English Studies are not included in the Department of Foreign Languages. Please address all questions to the Department of English as a Foreign Language,
or Tel: 04-8240433.
Course Structure and Conditions for Admission
The Department of Foreign Languages serves the entire student body, with a view to promoting reading comprehension in the following languages:
French, Italian (courtesy of the Italian Embassy), Spanish (courtesy of the Cervantes Institute), Latin, Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, Yiddish, and Polish.
The courses last for two semesters, and beginners must register for the first semester of the academic year. Admission to the second semester depends upon fulfilling the demands of the first semester: 
1) Attendance according to the University regulations, which specify among other things that arriving 15 minutes late to class is considered non-attendance.
2) Prompt completion of all assignments, whether classwork or homework.
3) An average of 60* for the course in the first semester.

* Other departments in the University may require a different average. 

Failure to meet these requirements automatically means non-admission to the second semester of the course.
Admission to an advanced course (second year) depends upon successful completion of the first year.