The course offers two levels, each taught once a week

Level 1 (beginners): Tuesday 8:30 – 10:00

Level 2 (advanced):  Tuesday 7:00 – 8:30


Students are expected to acquire the foundations of written and spoken forms of Polish in different contexts, develop the ability to communicate in speaking and in writing, use elementary vocabulary and structures, understand and apply grammatical forms, and become familiar with the Polish culture. 

Completion of level 1 will allow students to understand basic sentences, take part in simple conversations (introducing themselves and others, providing personal details, expressing attitudes, etc.), read elementary texts, understand titles, adverts, etc.  

Completion of level 2 will allow students to develop reading skills of short original Polish texts.

Teaching method:

Frontal learning, listening exercises, reading exercises, conversation and home assignments.


20 % of the final grade is based on attendance

20 % - students' coursework (homework and presentations)

10% - mid-year work / exam

50 % of the final grade is based on a concluding home exam



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Additional materials

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